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AR & Collections plus Easy PDF

Addon for Microsoft Business Central

All the features of AR & Collections Manager and Easy PDF Email & Fax, plus more

Languages: English | Countries: Any


  • Create lists of newly overdue invoices and send reminders
  • Add entries to the Exception History table when invoices are mailed
  • Use the new Trendscape tab to see reductions in days to collect

1. Easier Invoicing

Create a list of invoices that have newly become overdue in AR & Collections Manager and use Easy PDF to send them a Microsoft Business Central Reminder. This function is designed to try to speed collection without human interaction.

2. Keep Track of Exceptions

If an exception has been created for an invoice in AR & Collections, and Easy PDF is used to send a copy of that invoice, an entry is made in Exception History that records this fact and the date it was sent.

3. See Trends in Days to Collect

We have added a new tab with a Trendscape that sums all customer information to provide a trended display of the total company average. This display can show if a company’s collection efforts to reduce average days to collect are trending successfully, and by how much.

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